Are Premier Lashes real mink lashes ?


Premier Lashes are luxury synthetic false eye lashes with a comfortable cotton strip


Are Premier Lashes cruelty free ?


Premier Lashes only sell luxury synthetic false eye lashes with a comfortable cotton strip

Premier Lashes strongly condemns the vile fur trade. This is morally repugnant and warrants castigation


Do Premier Lashes include adhesive glue ?


You are free to choose your own preferred adhesive glue which can be found from reputable bona fide online and high street stores (based on your individual requirements)


How long does shipping take ?

Free shipping is Royal Mail 48. Royal Mail 48 aims to deliver within two (2) to three (3) working days

Paid for shipping is Royal Mail 24. Royal Mail 24 aims to deliver within one (1) to two (2) working days


How do I track my order ?

You can track your order online at Royal Mail



My order shows as delivered but I have not received it?

Sadly it is a very well known fact that mail theft and fraud is on the rise

With this in mind any disputed delivery requests must in the initial instance be raised directly with your local Royal Mail sorting office

This is the quickest and most informal way to resolve

Failing this as part of ours and Royal Mails disputed delivery investigation service we shall be cross referencing data and information against central databases 

Please be advised in instances of suspected theft or fraud Royal Mail and Premier Lashes reserves the right to report and record with relevant agencies

You agree and understand that in the event of a disputed delivery Royal Mail reserves the right to allow up to 21 days to conclude their investigation. 

You explicitly agree to co-operate with any necessary enquiries to resolve your disputed delivery as quickly as possible


Do you offer a MUA or Trade discount ?


Please reach out and connect with us for further information



How can I apply my Premier Lashes ?

You can apply the lashes directly above your natural lash line, using tweezers you can pinch your natural lashes and the strip lashes together

You can find more application information from our online guide below


How can I look after my Premier Lashes ?

To help keep your Premier Lashes safe and you looking on point you can place them back into your super glam packaging box


Can I apply mascara over my Premier Lashes ?

We do not recommend doing this if you want the maximum reuse from your Premier Lashes but can be done should you choose to do so

However it is recommended to apply a thin layer of your chosen mascara prior to applying your Premier Lashes (This can help the lashes adhere to your eyes and last as long as possible, this will also reduce any gap appearance between your natural lashes and strip lashes)


Can I share my Premier Lashes with friends or family ?


For health and hygiene reasons we strongly discourage sharing Premier Lashes to prevent infection and the spreading of germs


Can return my Premier Lashes ?

For health and hygiene reasons Premier Lashes are non returnable / refundable

This is even more relevant now we find ourselves in uncertain times due to the corona virus Covid-19 health pandemic

Premier Lash customer can be assured their lashes are 100% brand new and have never been used

We would like to thank you for your understanding


I have a query which is not covered under your FAQ's ?

Please feel free to reach out and connect with our professional customer support team